Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Pele of Puppies

In our quest to make Laney a well-rounded puppy, we decided to teach her a sport. Laney had her heart set on tennis, but we told her soccer would be more useful when we send her abroad to Brazil for Portuguese language lessons and Jiu Jitsu classes next year. After much debate and a few well-timed treats, she acquiesced.

So, last weekend, we invited over our good friends Victoria Beckham(Becky Becks to us) and her husband David for Scrabble and some puppy soccer training. A natural athlete and a gifted student, Laney was bending it like Beckham within 15 minutes of her first lesson.

Here's a clip of Laney showing off a few moves that David taught her...notice how she must have a toy in her mouth in order to kick the ball - this is exactly how David learned as a young boy. As David explained to her, if you can kick a goal with a toy in your mouth, then you can kick a mouth-free goal anywhere/anytime.