Friday, April 27, 2007

Flying into PIT

Out-of-towners should fly into Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT). PIT is the greatest airport ever: it has a mall in the terminals (and there is no sales tax on clothing in PA), a tram, and is always empty.

For the lucky New Yorkers and Bostonians, JetBlue flies direct to Pittsburgh. For those traveling from LAX, USAirways flies direct to PIT (and United via USAir).

PIT is fairly far outside of Pittsburgh, which is not known for its public transportation. A cab ride from PIT to the North Shore (site of wedding + Springhill Suites Marriott Hotel) will be approximately $35-38. The hotel has also recommended the use of an Express Shuttle from the airport. The cost for this shuttle is $19 one way per person or $34 per person round trip.

We encourage you to comment on this blog to organize carpools or splitting cabs with other out-of-towner guests.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Who Are We?

Geoff works in the sexy world of Hollywood for a company called Konk.

Basically Geoff reads these all day long ---->

Tara works to eradicate cancer as an employee of the fine pharmaceutical company Abraxis Bioscience in the regulatory affairs department.

When they are not working, Tara & Geoff enjoy hurricane reporting.

Geoff is very sad when he is away from Tara during the day.

Favorite Things to do in Pittsburgh

Barbashlack's Favorite Restaurants:
Mad Mex - This is where Geoff and Tara met. The owners of this fine establishment also run the Big Burrito Catering Company, the caterer we have chosen for our big day. Mad Mex is located in Oakland, home to the University of Pittsburgh and the famed CMU. Also, if you go after 11pm, all food is 1/2 price - this came in handy during college. Try the chicken chimi, its a CMU classic.

Il Pizziolo - This is our favorite pizza place, introduced to us by the one and only Terrence McClusky. We are hoping to have our rehearsal dinner here. Il Pizziolo is located in Mt. Lebanon, which is about a 20 minute drive from Pittsburgh and a 5 minute drive from South Hills Village Mall, where you are sure to find Tara's mom at least once a weekend.

Sesame Inn - Our favorite Chinese option in the city. This restaurant is located in Station Square, Pittsburgh's "Main Tourist Attraction".

Fuel & Fuddle - The best sweet potato fries. F&F also offers 1/2 price meals after 11pm. The half price "Goin' Cold Turkey" singlehandedly sustained Geoff during his senior year at CMU. F&F is also located in Oakland, even closer to CMU.

Pittsburgh Institutions:

Primanti Bros - The famous Pittsburgh Sandwich. Tara and Dash lived on the egg sandwich with extra hot sauce for 4 years. As for locations, you can find Primanti's on pretty much every corner of the city: downtown, oakland, strip district, southside, you get the picture.

The O - The mecca of fast food, offering grease in all forms: pizza, hotdogs, and fries by the pound. Tara is embarassed to admit that the O cheese dogs got her through organic chem. The original O is located in Oakland right on Forbes and the "Baby O" is conveniently located on the CMU campus.

Pittsburgh To Dos:

The Strip - During the day, the Strip is a street market offering everything from fresh fish to Steelers tchochkes. After hours, the Strip is the hub of Pittsburgh Night Life. If you are lucky, you can spot Ben Roethlisberger hitting on a drunken sorority girl.

Shadyside - Walnut Street is a picturesque shopping area in one of the more upscale Pittsburgh neighborhoods.

Mattress Factory - Contemporary art gallery in the North Side, not far from the Warhol. Tara's mom lists the Mattress Factory as a personal favorite.

And of course the view from Mt. Washington cannot be missed.

Hotel Information

For all the out-of-towners, we have secured a room block at the Springhill Suites Hotel Northshore, which is literally 1 block from the wedding location. Reservations can be made by calling 1-800-Marriott or the hotel directly at 412-323-9005 or making a reservation online Springhill Suites Hotel Northshore.

The assignment group code is WKBWKBA for a King Suite (3 adults at $129/night) or WKBWKBB for a Queen/Queen Suite (5 adults at $139/night).

Reservations should be made no later than September 26th. We were only able to reserve a limited room block, so please book early! This hotel is definitely the most convenient hotel for the wedding location. The wedding is virtually across the street located in the heart of the North Shore.

Wedding Details

Welcome to the Barbashlack Blog!!

We are officially tying the knot on October 27, 2007 at the Andy Warhol Museum on the North Shore of Pittsburgh, PA.

We have rented out the first 4 floors of the museum, so please plan to celebrate, eat, dance, and enjoy fantastic pop art with us!