Thursday, August 9, 2007

Pittsburgh Wedding Shower

My mom threw a wedding shower for me in PA last weekend. Fun was had by all! It was at The Back Porch Restaurant, where my brother works.
This was Geoff's first wedding shower, and he had a blast and got to take home a new friend!


eddie said...

this is a Wedding shower for my brother and my sister-in-Law because they are getting married October 27th I'am the Bestman in the wedding party. thay finished the wedding planing. accept the DJ my brother has to find a great DJ for the wedding if you know someone who is a DJ please e-mail my brother Geoff at

Stephanie said...

nice bear!

Hi, Eddie! See you at the wedding!

dasharath said...

ahh, mama 'shlack.

is that the brother i almost killed?