Sunday, July 1, 2007


Geoff and I went to Vegas with the goal of doubling our condo downpayment! Just kidding. We went to meet up with our friends Dash and Rahul and celebrate Geoff's BDay together.

Right before we left, Geoff and I wrote what are hopefully our VERY last rent checks - very exciting.

We spent the weekend playing Pai Gow Poker - trying to make our $100 gambling budget last as long as we possibly can and drink for free. It was quite a challenge, but I think we did pretty well.

Here we are at the Vegas Hilton - we were really big fans of the chandeliers here, such big fans in fact we could not leave without a group shot!

And of course no trip to Vegas in complete without taking advantage of the all-you-can eat buffet! Geoff was in heaven! I on the other hand look like a buffet-zombie.

And I just had to post this picture of Dash because it cracks me up. I am sure he will make me take this down soon, so enjoy while it lasts!!


rahul said...

those are the nicest chandeliers I have ever seen. I can't even imagine how good they look, in focus.

dasharath said...

that dude was obsessed with those chandeliers. but he managed to not get them in the picture at all.

based on the pictures of me in this blog (freakishly small head one and this one with the giant dumb glasses), i'm going to come off like a complete moron. excellent way to introduce myself to the rest of the barbashlack crew. coincidentally, both of those pics were from vegas.

barbashlack2 said...

C'mon Dash, you look cute!

eddie said...

Dash will be marrying Geoff and Tara 3 more Months from now October 27th in Pittsburg at the Andy Warhol museum. I'am the Bestman of my Brother in the wedding party. I can't wait to be in tears of Joy and happiness because of my Brother and my sister-In-Law to be. write some more comments please. the wedding planing will be finished August 4th.