Sunday, June 24, 2007

Wedding Registry

Yesterday Geoff and I registered for our wedding at Macy's. We registered because we received so many requests to do so for the shower, and we must admit it was fun using the scanning gun. We purposely did not register for very many things, as we were hoping/encouraging gifts in the form of bucks/wetbacks/mola/dough/clams. We will admit (and only on our blog, not in person) that paying for the wedding and buying a condo has made us a bit strapped. To visit our registry please go to Macy's Registry Page and type one of our names into the "Find a Couple's Registry".

After the registry fun, Geoff and I celebrated with a lunch at Doughboys, our favorite restaurant. When you come to visit us, we will definitely take you there for the focaccia and red velvet cake. Yum!
Geoff had his eye on the focaccia.


rahul said...

Is it just me or does geoff have a giant elbow in that first picture. You might want to get that checked out. seriously.

eddie said...

Rahul that giant elbow you're talking about happens to be my baby brother. please write some more comments on this blog. I will see if anyone of you wrote any more comments.

dasharath said...

celebrating at doughboys is an excellent call. man, now i'm getting hungry. hmmm.... doughboys.