Monday, June 18, 2007

Barbashlack Wedding Party

My maid of honor is my BESTEST friend EVER, Betty. Betty and I enjoy shopping, internet shopping, talking about shopping, spending money, watching bad high school TV and making fun of people. Betty is my asian twin sister. I love my Tanger!! Here is a pic of Betty's little baby Rubie.

Ed, Geoff's brother, is the best man. He is simply THE best man. Maybe you have heard, he was
in a little movie called The Ringer. This is a picture from the movie premiere.

Heidi has been my closest friend since 1st grade. I went to her 7th birthday party where I gave her a peaches 'n cream barbie and then locked myself in her bathroom. Heidi and I have been through everything together: high school, swallowing a clothes hanger on the band bus, pimples, nerd bowl --> you get the picture. Here is Heidi and her adorable son Austin!

Harley and Geoff grew up in the hard scrabble streets of Coral Springs, FL together. They bussed to the same super nerd math program during Middle School, learning the finer points of logic theory and avoiding the bullies on the bus who didn't like the kids who knew logic theory. In High School, they hung out with lots of other nerdy dudes, falling in love with movies and basketball. They are the two original members of the Gorkus Club, an association of tall, awkward men. Harley is the one in the middle. (Sidenote: The guy on the right is Chris Koch - Geoff's super boss and super friend.

Kristin & Scott have acted as our marriage advocates for the past few years. Here is a pic of the whole family including their baby, Pembleton. Scott is from the Mon Valley and they are both graduates of Duquesne. We are suckers for Pittsburgh-lovers. And, we do enjoy torturing Kristin by forcing her to watch bad horror movies!!

Jess adores her man much like how I adore Geoff. We both enjoy poking, punching, scratching, pinching, and of course loving our men. Every movie character reminds us of our guys, and we love going to movies and pointing this out. And yes, I am one of the few people that agrees that Keith does resemble the pre-plastic Chad Michael Murphy. Jess has requested that Geoff draw a picture of her for the blog. Geoff has worked very hard on this request, and here is the masterpiece. Fortunately Jess is much happier and armier in real life.

Aaron and Geoff have been friends since freshman year of CMU. The future Dr. Rockoff is the judaic grounding in Geoff's life. When Geoff first met Aaron, he thought he was a jerk. Subsequently, Aaron has proven he is a true mensch and one of the best friends a guy could ever have.

Dash is officiating the wedding. Dash and I have been friends since freshman year at CMU. We worked our way through the Mellon College of Science together and barely escaped a run-in with mercury poisoning. Here is a pic of us and Rahul. Dash is the one on the right. By the way, this is the worst picture of me ever, I cannot believe I am putting it on my blog.

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dasharath said...

that pic does suck. my freakishly small head looks even smaller in that picture. plus, we both look like we're 3ft tall next to rahul the giant.