Saturday, May 2, 2009

DJ Laney

LA's Hottest DJ Sensation

Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Pele of Puppies

In our quest to make Laney a well-rounded puppy, we decided to teach her a sport. Laney had her heart set on tennis, but we told her soccer would be more useful when we send her abroad to Brazil for Portuguese language lessons and Jiu Jitsu classes next year. After much debate and a few well-timed treats, she acquiesced.

So, last weekend, we invited over our good friends Victoria Beckham(Becky Becks to us) and her husband David for Scrabble and some puppy soccer training. A natural athlete and a gifted student, Laney was bending it like Beckham within 15 minutes of her first lesson.

Here's a clip of Laney showing off a few moves that David taught her...notice how she must have a toy in her mouth in order to kick the ball - this is exactly how David learned as a young boy. As David explained to her, if you can kick a goal with a toy in your mouth, then you can kick a mouth-free goal anywhere/anytime.

Monday, November 26, 2007

"Scenes Leading Up to a Wedding" Video

Behold the video that played in the theater during our wedding on Oct 27th at the Andy Warhol Museum. This journey down memory lane will give you a short history of our lives. Meet our family and friends and see the amazing places we've had the great fortune to visit.

Happy viewing,

Geoff and Tara.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wedding, full steam ahead!

Now that we are back from China (more posting on that at a later date), it is time to concentrate 100% on the wedding.

For those of you traveling to Pittsburgh for the first time, please check out our good friend, Ron Kapon's, blog account of a recent trip.

Also, please click on the wedding link on the left side of the page for hotel information.

We are so excited to see everyone!!!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Wedding Shower LA

Last weekend my wonderful bridesmaids Betty, Kristin, & Jess organized a terrific shower for me at the Bel Air Hotel. We went for high tea, as all refined young women enjoy and ended in champagne bliss!! It was the best time AND I got wonderful gifts. Seriously, if you were on the fence about getting married, do it for the shower alone - here are some pictures. I was really cheesy that day and decided that all pictures had to include me, but hey I had some champagne and I *am* the bride :)

Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Final Wedding Planning

Geoff and I were in Pittsburgh on Monday wrapping up the wedding planning. We can't share all the surprises with you, but if you are a good detective you can figure it out.

Pittsburgh Wedding Shower

My mom threw a wedding shower for me in PA last weekend. Fun was had by all! It was at The Back Porch Restaurant, where my brother works.
This was Geoff's first wedding shower, and he had a blast and got to take home a new friend!

Sunday, July 1, 2007


Geoff and I went to Vegas with the goal of doubling our condo downpayment! Just kidding. We went to meet up with our friends Dash and Rahul and celebrate Geoff's BDay together.

Right before we left, Geoff and I wrote what are hopefully our VERY last rent checks - very exciting.

We spent the weekend playing Pai Gow Poker - trying to make our $100 gambling budget last as long as we possibly can and drink for free. It was quite a challenge, but I think we did pretty well.

Here we are at the Vegas Hilton - we were really big fans of the chandeliers here, such big fans in fact we could not leave without a group shot!

And of course no trip to Vegas in complete without taking advantage of the all-you-can eat buffet! Geoff was in heaven! I on the other hand look like a buffet-zombie.

And I just had to post this picture of Dash because it cracks me up. I am sure he will make me take this down soon, so enjoy while it lasts!!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Wedding Registry

Yesterday Geoff and I registered for our wedding at Macy's. We registered because we received so many requests to do so for the shower, and we must admit it was fun using the scanning gun. We purposely did not register for very many things, as we were hoping/encouraging gifts in the form of bucks/wetbacks/mola/dough/clams. We will admit (and only on our blog, not in person) that paying for the wedding and buying a condo has made us a bit strapped. To visit our registry please go to Macy's Registry Page and type one of our names into the "Find a Couple's Registry".

After the registry fun, Geoff and I celebrated with a lunch at Doughboys, our favorite restaurant. When you come to visit us, we will definitely take you there for the focaccia and red velvet cake. Yum!
Geoff had his eye on the focaccia.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Wedding Band

Today Geoff and I purchased his wedding band. It is a simple and classy 18 karat gold band. We bought the ring from Larry at OK, which is one of our favorite stores. Geoff is not the one in pigtails.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Barbashlack Wedding Party

My maid of honor is my BESTEST friend EVER, Betty. Betty and I enjoy shopping, internet shopping, talking about shopping, spending money, watching bad high school TV and making fun of people. Betty is my asian twin sister. I love my Tanger!! Here is a pic of Betty's little baby Rubie.

Ed, Geoff's brother, is the best man. He is simply THE best man. Maybe you have heard, he was
in a little movie called The Ringer. This is a picture from the movie premiere.

Heidi has been my closest friend since 1st grade. I went to her 7th birthday party where I gave her a peaches 'n cream barbie and then locked myself in her bathroom. Heidi and I have been through everything together: high school, swallowing a clothes hanger on the band bus, pimples, nerd bowl --> you get the picture. Here is Heidi and her adorable son Austin!

Harley and Geoff grew up in the hard scrabble streets of Coral Springs, FL together. They bussed to the same super nerd math program during Middle School, learning the finer points of logic theory and avoiding the bullies on the bus who didn't like the kids who knew logic theory. In High School, they hung out with lots of other nerdy dudes, falling in love with movies and basketball. They are the two original members of the Gorkus Club, an association of tall, awkward men. Harley is the one in the middle. (Sidenote: The guy on the right is Chris Koch - Geoff's super boss and super friend.

Kristin & Scott have acted as our marriage advocates for the past few years. Here is a pic of the whole family including their baby, Pembleton. Scott is from the Mon Valley and they are both graduates of Duquesne. We are suckers for Pittsburgh-lovers. And, we do enjoy torturing Kristin by forcing her to watch bad horror movies!!

Jess adores her man much like how I adore Geoff. We both enjoy poking, punching, scratching, pinching, and of course loving our men. Every movie character reminds us of our guys, and we love going to movies and pointing this out. And yes, I am one of the few people that agrees that Keith does resemble the pre-plastic Chad Michael Murphy. Jess has requested that Geoff draw a picture of her for the blog. Geoff has worked very hard on this request, and here is the masterpiece. Fortunately Jess is much happier and armier in real life.

Aaron and Geoff have been friends since freshman year of CMU. The future Dr. Rockoff is the judaic grounding in Geoff's life. When Geoff first met Aaron, he thought he was a jerk. Subsequently, Aaron has proven he is a true mensch and one of the best friends a guy could ever have.

Dash is officiating the wedding. Dash and I have been friends since freshman year at CMU. We worked our way through the Mellon College of Science together and barely escaped a run-in with mercury poisoning. Here is a pic of us and Rahul. Dash is the one on the right. By the way, this is the worst picture of me ever, I cannot believe I am putting it on my blog.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Livin' on the 405

Geoff and I are ecstatic to announce that we have purchased our first home together. We couldn't be more excited to be hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. We will move in at the end of July. The new address is: 2045 Beloit Ave, #305, Los Angeles, CA 90025.

Our new home is located near the Sawtelle Area of LA, which is known for its Japanese restaurants and pop culture shops. This is a very lively and fun area. We are also conveniently located near the famed 405 highway, providing easy access for all interested visitors. We are VERY excited and hope that you will come stay with us in our new home (we are too broke to come to you)!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Flying into PIT

Out-of-towners should fly into Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT). PIT is the greatest airport ever: it has a mall in the terminals (and there is no sales tax on clothing in PA), a tram, and is always empty.

For the lucky New Yorkers and Bostonians, JetBlue flies direct to Pittsburgh. For those traveling from LAX, USAirways flies direct to PIT (and United via USAir).

PIT is fairly far outside of Pittsburgh, which is not known for its public transportation. A cab ride from PIT to the North Shore (site of wedding + Springhill Suites Marriott Hotel) will be approximately $35-38. The hotel has also recommended the use of an Express Shuttle from the airport. The cost for this shuttle is $19 one way per person or $34 per person round trip.

We encourage you to comment on this blog to organize carpools or splitting cabs with other out-of-towner guests.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Who Are We?

Geoff works in the sexy world of Hollywood for a company called Konk.

Basically Geoff reads these all day long ---->

Tara works to eradicate cancer as an employee of the fine pharmaceutical company Abraxis Bioscience in the regulatory affairs department.

When they are not working, Tara & Geoff enjoy hurricane reporting.

Geoff is very sad when he is away from Tara during the day.

Favorite Things to do in Pittsburgh

Barbashlack's Favorite Restaurants:
Mad Mex - This is where Geoff and Tara met. The owners of this fine establishment also run the Big Burrito Catering Company, the caterer we have chosen for our big day. Mad Mex is located in Oakland, home to the University of Pittsburgh and the famed CMU. Also, if you go after 11pm, all food is 1/2 price - this came in handy during college. Try the chicken chimi, its a CMU classic.

Il Pizziolo - This is our favorite pizza place, introduced to us by the one and only Terrence McClusky. We are hoping to have our rehearsal dinner here. Il Pizziolo is located in Mt. Lebanon, which is about a 20 minute drive from Pittsburgh and a 5 minute drive from South Hills Village Mall, where you are sure to find Tara's mom at least once a weekend.

Sesame Inn - Our favorite Chinese option in the city. This restaurant is located in Station Square, Pittsburgh's "Main Tourist Attraction".

Fuel & Fuddle - The best sweet potato fries. F&F also offers 1/2 price meals after 11pm. The half price "Goin' Cold Turkey" singlehandedly sustained Geoff during his senior year at CMU. F&F is also located in Oakland, even closer to CMU.

Pittsburgh Institutions:

Primanti Bros - The famous Pittsburgh Sandwich. Tara and Dash lived on the egg sandwich with extra hot sauce for 4 years. As for locations, you can find Primanti's on pretty much every corner of the city: downtown, oakland, strip district, southside, you get the picture.

The O - The mecca of fast food, offering grease in all forms: pizza, hotdogs, and fries by the pound. Tara is embarassed to admit that the O cheese dogs got her through organic chem. The original O is located in Oakland right on Forbes and the "Baby O" is conveniently located on the CMU campus.

Pittsburgh To Dos:

The Strip - During the day, the Strip is a street market offering everything from fresh fish to Steelers tchochkes. After hours, the Strip is the hub of Pittsburgh Night Life. If you are lucky, you can spot Ben Roethlisberger hitting on a drunken sorority girl.

Shadyside - Walnut Street is a picturesque shopping area in one of the more upscale Pittsburgh neighborhoods.

Mattress Factory - Contemporary art gallery in the North Side, not far from the Warhol. Tara's mom lists the Mattress Factory as a personal favorite.

And of course the view from Mt. Washington cannot be missed.

Hotel Information

For all the out-of-towners, we have secured a room block at the Springhill Suites Hotel Northshore, which is literally 1 block from the wedding location. Reservations can be made by calling 1-800-Marriott or the hotel directly at 412-323-9005 or making a reservation online Springhill Suites Hotel Northshore.

The assignment group code is WKBWKBA for a King Suite (3 adults at $129/night) or WKBWKBB for a Queen/Queen Suite (5 adults at $139/night).

Reservations should be made no later than September 26th. We were only able to reserve a limited room block, so please book early! This hotel is definitely the most convenient hotel for the wedding location. The wedding is virtually across the street located in the heart of the North Shore.

Wedding Details

Welcome to the Barbashlack Blog!!

We are officially tying the knot on October 27, 2007 at the Andy Warhol Museum on the North Shore of Pittsburgh, PA.

We have rented out the first 4 floors of the museum, so please plan to celebrate, eat, dance, and enjoy fantastic pop art with us!